We learned more from a three minute record baby

Christopher. 23. Glasgow.
Presses CTRL + P for a living.
Forgetful drunk pain in the arse

Springsteen, Frightened Rabbit and anything that the Kinsella's have influenced. Dugs.

Arrested Development quotes. Rabbits. Pretty colours. High Fidelity. Lyndsay.

"Clarence doesn’t leave the E Street Band when he dies. He leaves when we die"
- Bruce Springsteen

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    A cross stitch that I designed, based on a conversation between Michael and Tobias. Tobias is in charge of party planning and has booked the Queen Mary and so is looking for some nautically themed performers. He decides that he likes hot sailors, once Michael interrupts his admission that he likes hot sea men!

    [Submitted by: giddygirlie]